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Because y’all know

pen & paper just ain’t

gonna cut it anymore

Org Health Assesment :

Eliminate paper-based records for faster data turnaround:
– Collect critical data for status update and decision making directly in the Jobs app
– See status updates and reported data immediately in any location

Create transparent communication flow across your team, contractors and vendors:
– Create tasks for your maintenance team, external contractors, growers and vets in one platform
– Get instant visibility and manage open tasks from anywhere

Take control of equipment maintenance, quality controls and other critical tasks:
– Schedule critical non-routine jobs like equipment maintenance for the future date and control timely execution
– Establish real-time communication on animal status, biosecurity, and quality issues

How it works

1. You sign up your company using the form below
2. In ~5-7 days after the sign-up, you receive an online survey, which:
– has two different versions for the managers and employees
– takes ~20-30 min to fill
– contains questions about overall management and operations as well as biosecurity and/or quality management depends on your scope of operation
3. Once all your employees and managers submit the survey, we do an anonymous analysis
4. ~10-15 days after you submit the survey, you receive a report from us with your organizational health assessment and general recommendations for improvement

Why do we do it

Ecto is committed to help farmers, animal nutrition companies, and broader agriculture ecosystem with data-driven managerial solutions. With or without using Ecto software solutions, we would like to help you improve the management practices, create more transparency and satisfaction for your managers and employees. Let’s feed the world together!

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