We work every day to bridge the gap between animal farming and nature

Aquaculture is the most sustainable animal farming we know

We know aquaculture because we’ve lived it, on farms, in research labs, and at world-renowned universities

100+ Years

Time spent on aquaculture sites across our team


Members of management with PhD’s or advanced degrees

Our Story

Ecto began in 2013 as a collaboration between McKinsey and Harvard Business School alumnus, Dmitry Kozachenok and aquaculture geneticist, Dr. James Webb. In the following years, Ecto has grown to become a thought leader and innovator in aquaculture technology. Today, the Ecto team enables hundreds of tons of seafood production through data-driven production and health solutions.

Our Leadership Team

Dmitry Kozachenok

Dmitry Kozachenok

Founder and CEO

James Webb, PhD

James Webb, PhD

Co-Founder and Lead Scientist

Gary Livshin

Gary Livshin

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Kumik

Jeff Kumik

Director of Customer Success

Tim Humphrey

Tim Humphrey

Director of Integrations

Our Principles

animal welfare

The animals we eat keep us healthy. We have a responsibility to return the favor, on farms or in the wild.


We use data to get to the bottom of things and create new knowledge, even when the outcomes are challenging or inconvenient.


Farming is hard work, so we work hard to make it easier. We put ourselves in their shoes when we develop our innovations.

every day

Every project starts somewhere, and we don’t wait until we have a crystal clear path to get started. We get started, learn by doing, so we can keep getting better.

versus reacting

The long-term benefits of prevention may seem “invisible,” but proactive management is easier and cheaper than reactive treatment.


We chase solutions, not just technology for technology’s sake. We aim to to make the biggest possible impact with minimal resources.


We’re backed by the leading investors in sustainable aquaculture:


Our independent research programs are supported by government agencies and life science research organizations around the world: